Lessons Learned


Upon concluding my first book, I’ve certainly learned some lessons. No doubt, I will make other mistakes throughout the series, but hopefully I can avoid some of those early pitfalls. What are some of those early lessons?

1. Writer’s block is real and it’s a drag.
How to get around it? Write a scene that is interesting, more exciting- anything to get the juices flowing again. Getting to the end and don’t know how to keep going? Write and write some more, even if it’s crap that needs to be written over again and again. Starting that second book might lend some inspiration…

2. There is no such thing as perfect.
This for me was the hardest lesson. Why? I feel that my work should be perfect. I’m insecure about putting anything out that is less than perfect; I believe my readers deserve nothing less. But perfect doesn’t exist- it’s a pipe dream. At some point the value received out of extra editing is so minimal that it no longer makes sense to keep going, even if you tell yourself otherwise.

3. Editing is for fairies.
Why? Because nothing (in my opinion) sucks more than editing. Isn’t editing for perfectionists though, you ask? (Yes, I’m a perfectionist). No. Why? Because a perfectionist will find something wrong with every sentence, and will try to make everything flawless, only to learn that it is futile. Nothing kills the creative process like editing.
Huge props to those that find joy in editing.

4. Set a goal and stick with it.
OK, so I wasn’t great with this one. I definitely did set goals, but I didn’t always stick to them. The lesson learned here- goals are important, but it’s also important to stick to them (and not make excuses).

5. When you think the book is finished, it’s really just getting started.
I finished writing my book long before I finished editing it. Granted, I took a 2-year hiatus while I was in school. Regardless, it took a long time. Even after several rounds of edits, my beta-readers still provided pages worth of corrections. Don’t even get me started on marketing.

These lessons have already proven themselves to be invaluable and will undoubtedly serve my writing efforts in the future.

Eager to immerse yourself further into the world of the Dreamers? Check back later for a sneak peek of my next book: Light Dreamer. Better yet, follow my blog so you don’t miss updates.


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